Is your home a mess?  Have you stopped inviting friends over?  Is everything everywhere but nothing where it should be?

All of us want to improve our self-image. Organizing our home environment is one of the first steps. When your home is beautiful and

attractively arranged, it becomes a source of pride and comfort.  It makes you happy.

A very attractive feeling.

This fun and interactive workshop will "walk" you through every room and define what works or does not work for you. You will learn easy

tips and discover solutions that last a life-time.

You will learn to:

  • Find the right place for everything.
  • Create functional areas.
  • Keep personal, medical, school and financial records in order.
  • Decorate with simple ideas.
  • Gain extra space.

The results are that you will be able to organize everything in your home from your bedrooms to the kitchen, from your closets

to your book shelves.

With Ship Shape Organizers’ European-American experience you will find many solutions to your problems.

An Organized Home Sets You Free

workshop lasts one hour. 

The Hostess pays no fee but is invited to provide refreshments. Participants are invited

to bring pictures of their homes.

Fee: $70.00 per participant.

(Minimum 6 people).

To set up a workshop in your home contact Ship Shape Organizers at 212 674 3316

or email us.

The Organized Office: Make It Work For You