" Francesca organized me and presented a picture of costs incurred and where I was losing money on the renovation of an old house in the country.  Through her network I was able to get professional advice relevant to my situation.  As a result I am again in control of the renovation and have a time plan as well as a clear money saving financial picture.  Hiring Francesca was an invaluable asset to my peace of mind."

                    -Elizabeth Simon, New York - London Artist

"Francesca brings efficiency, professionalism and verve to the business. She keeps track

of tasks and keeps everything organized, taking a big load off of me."

                  —C. Balfour, Principal, The Skilled Writer International, New York

"What can we say! Wow! Since you have rearranged our office,
we are able to see the sunshine through the treetops."
—Douglas Koch, Douglas Koch Visuals, Inc. & Floral Events
...Because Memories Last a Lifetime, New York

"Her job has been outstanding. She has been given the title of "Paper Doctor"
...my staff is very pleased with her performance and loves her."
—Dr. Ana Romeo, Internal Medicine, Flushing, New York
"What I thought would take more than three days of work, actually amounted to half a day
because Francesca was by my side. She knew just how to handle everything."
—Shirley Rossman, CorPro Diversified Programs, Life Insurance, New York

"Francesca could always be relied upon to depressurize any situation with her resourceful, perceptive
and well-organized approach. She could take charge and did it all with efficiency."
—President "Inklings," a catering company, New York
"You are a blessing! With your logic, patience and discipline we cleared through
years of accumulated clutter. I am so much more productive and relaxed."
—Art Gallery Director, New York
"Francesca is Mary Poppins and Martha Stewart all rolled into one. She’s fantastic!"
—Client, New York