Ship Shape Organizers has recently provided the following services, among many:


Italian Editor for "FIAMMA"

by Micheal White and Joanna Pruess. Micheal White was the owner of the acclaimed restaurant "Fiamma Osteria" at 206 Spring Street in Soho. John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 2006.

Available in bookstores everywhere.

Assistant Editor for "The Orange: Golden Joy" by John Train.

M.T. Train/Scala Books, 2006.


for your copy. US$25.00.

Assistant Editor for "The Olive: Tree of Civilization" by John Train. M.T. Train/Scala Books, 2006.


for your copy. US$25.00.

English Editor for "Flavors and Colors of Italy ," by Saro Liotta. Illustrated by Simone Di Bagno.

Sake Productions, tel. 212 316 4315.

Assistant Editor for "Fantasy and Function" by Stephanie Stokes,, Interior Designer, to be published in 2007.






Authored content of web site

Pat Gericke is an interior designer working in New York.

Author of Employee and Procedure Handbook for

hanrahaMeyers Architects, New York.


Translation and continuity from Italian to English of 80 recipes published on website for UltraStudio,

New York. 2004.

Research for journalist/writer on political history of several South American countries.

Packing and shipping of sculptures for artist within the United States.

Hanging 30 art works in new home for client, including lighting. Arrangement of furniture.

Organizing slides, expenses, mailing lists, arranging travel for artist and shipping of art from New York to Palm Beach, and back.



Time management and coaching for ADD graduate student at The New School.

Bookkeeping: monthly accounting, preparation of bills and checks to be signed, keeping records for dyslexic client.

Setting up new apartment for family of four moving to New York.
(connecting utilities, un packing, buying basics as in bed sheets etc.).

Cooking lessons: Mediterranean Diet (from shopping, cooking and serving of complete meal).